Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Shape of Things

This October 9th I will be in the Project Room at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. In the main space is Esao Andrews, which if you haven't seen his work you need to do so immediately.

For this show I wanted to have a central female character that I could enjoy interpreting. As some of you guys may know I use religious based characters in my work and now I have started a new series based around the Virgin Mary. Originally I was going with The Vixen Mary as the title to the show but decided against it and now we have MARY IN BRONXZOOLAND.

This show will take Mary on a ridiculously ill journey through BRONXZOOLAND so stay tuned as I post new happenings and pics.

This is the first finished piece for the show.
"Talk Pretty To Me"

Keeping It real.


Artist POV. Awesome



  1. Good luck hun, love the new blog.


  2. It is all looking good. Love the new work. The new piece's have a real good sense of space. They feel complete, I really like the direction that they are going. They really show chase your skill level.


  3. If I had to describe the paintings : I look at them, I feel better fo the experience. its your commit to the fundamentals;